Milestones Portrait Studio is the creative collaboration of specialist wedding and portrait photographers. The team comprises of Auckland Based Photographer Adel, and Bruno who is based in Rotorua. Together they are able to cover a very wide area across greater New Zealand. A special ability to recognise and capture moments to perfection is part of their natural, relaxed approach, matched with a high level of professionalism and skill, which has been a key to their success.

I love weddings. For me there is nothing quite as magical or as memorable as when two people embark on a journey that will bring them together for life.

That we have an invitation to share, and capture these first few steps of this journey… for that I am forever grateful. The trust that our clients place on us is paramount, we understand the magnitude of responsibility that falls onto our shoulders.

Cherished memories are constantly passing in front of our lens, and we have to ensure that we capture it, bear testimony in a sense, and save it for prosperity while ensuring that it portrays the day accurately.

From the tiniest detail to the elaborate shots, we are always looking for ways to advance our performance, to exceed our best, we strive for photography that just feels right. This is what drives us.

We don’t want to be “tourists with cameras” at your wedding,
we want to participate, interact and ultimately mold an accurate and impassioned visual depiction of the day and of the people.
Shooting weddings combines every aspect of photography we love, from documenting, art directing and stylizing right through to adventure and making new friends.

Every album that goes out , every shoot we do is not only a reflection of the day, but of ourselves and our skills.