My latest documentary photography essay came about from recently attending the Born too Late Chopper Show.There was no shortage of interesting subject matter to photograph. I managed to compile a photo essay covering all aspects of the event, people, and of course, the amazing bikes!

The thing about doing documentary photography is you really get to know the people you end up shooting and you come away friends, one that really stood out was Allen, who you would remember from this amazing portrait.I was also introduced to the real Biker Chick, Morrie.

This amazing bird, was hand reared after he fell out of it’s nest and he is now flying to the mighty sound of customized Harleys. One very lucky bird if you ask me. This event was a real documentary photography dream come true!

My friend Steve (he is the one bending over discussing something to do with his 1962 Panhead) walked away with the well deserved “Best Project” awarded on the the day.  You can see the amazing attention to detail in this photograph of his bikes tank.