Headshot photography packages for all your model/actor needs. The following has been specificly tailored to the needs of up and coming model/actors and to the well established model/actors.
What to bring
Getting photographed can be a nerve racking exprience, so these little tips might help. Relax, wear something you feel comfortable in. If you are doing head shots for your modeling portfolio, bring 6 – 10 changes of wardrobes, we might not get through the whole lot, but remember, if it is not in the studio, we can’t shoot it. Bring a wide variety of colours, and textures. Don’t bring any clothing you don’t like to wear, it just won’t photograph well, bring your favourite stuff.
Hair and Make up
Hair and Make-up are a very personal thing, so be sure to get it done to your liking, If you want to do it yourself, do your make up before the time, and do it natural, you don’t want to end up looking like somebody else. If you want, bring a make- up artist with you, and they can make sure you are always looking your best. Remember that make up can be time consuming, and you don’t want to waste that precious studio time by only starting your make up when you get here.
The portrait studio normally operates on a Thursday, Friday & Saturday offering morning, afternoons and evening sessions. When making the booking it is important to specify the type of photography that you are after, we will discuss the time that we would need, and then make booking according to the time that we need.
When booking the studio for a session, we require a deposit, which will go towards the payment of the fees incurred. If you need to cancel or reschedule your shoot, please do so 3 days in advance, otherwise you risk loosing your deposit. We accept Cash, and direct deposit as forms of payment. The sitting fee needs to be paid in full at the end of your session, and any prints or products being ordered needs to be paid at time of ordering. If you are using a package promotion, the full package payment needs to be done at the end of the photo session.