I’ve been busy photographing some beautiful nature photography and thought that they would make excellent iPhone wallpapers. It is all sized for the iPhone 5 but will work just as well on earlier models, and iPods. These wallpapers are free, but cannot be used for any commercial purposes, and if you like it enough to give us some money, you send us a donation via PayPal.

To save the wallpaper on your iPhone follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone select one of the photos you like from below and it will open the image at full resolution.
  • Then press and hold on the image until you get a dialog box asking you to save/copy the image and save it.
  • Afterwards open the Photos app and select the photo from the camera roll.
  • Select the icon in┬áthe bottom left corner to save the image as your wallpaper.
  • Resize the image (if needed on older devices) by double tapping it and then set it.
  • Choose between Lock Screen, Home Screen or both, and that is it, all done.

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