One of the things I look forward to on my visits to South Africa is to reconnect with Jacob and the few remaining workers on Weilbach.

Jacob, now close to his 60’th year is taking daily medication for TB. He’s cutting back on his smoking with the intention of quitting. He says this thing  is very hard to do as the Tabaco doesn’t want to leave him alone. His son Josef is doing well and has almost fully recovered from the tractor accident.

With Jacob ill, Aaron has taken over the care of the cattle. He had his hands full as it’s calving season and we just managed a quick catch up before he headed out.

I also met up with Sam, Jacob’s neighbor. Sam’s dad, Kleinboy use to work on the farm and Sam took over his dwelling some time ago. Sam loves rugby and entertained me with an entreating version of the Haka.

I started my documentation of Weilbach around 15 years ago and never envisioned that this place and it’s people would become such an essential part of my life.  One of the precious parts of Documentary photography is the relationships it offers you.