Karekare Beach Races 2013 was the 19’th race year for the event. Sadly it was also the last year the event will be held. This is due to the shrinking numbers of entries and the effort of transporting the horses to the beach.

I was invited by a friend and fellow photographer to attend the festivities. We both have a love for documentary photography and the occasion was just perfect for a fun day of shooting on the beach.

Set against the magnificent backdrop of black sand and surf the only thing to steal your eye away from the landscape was the horses!

One of them was particularly fond of the lens….to the point of tasting it! You’ll recognize Ginger not only by her coat but the numerous posed shots she insisted I take of her.

It’s sad that this was the last race year but I am grateful that I had the opportunity to enjoy and document it. My thanx to all the organizers, owners and four legged athletes for a fantastic day.