Macro photography is a real skill, but every now and then you meet someone who just inspires you to pick up the camera and focus on extreme close-ups. I am very please to announce a new guest contributer who’s passion is macro photography. Talking to¬†Lezanne Gibbs this past weekend, it is very obvious that nothing is going to tame her passion and enthusiasm for photography.

I went up north for a day trip to an area called Sandspit, I was there with my family and friends when I met Lezanne and we soon got round to talking shop. I was completely blown away when she showed me her body of work, and I knew that we had to share her amazing macro photography. We hope to have Lezanne join us for a couple of guest blogs, and I’m sure that she will very soon have a site of her own. I don’t want to show off too much, so here is just a couple examples of Lezanne’s macro photography.