Love is like a friendship caught on fire

The photos are outstanding! We love, love, love them soo much. You both did a brilliant job working with us on the day and we are very thankful…they are more beautiful and perfect then I could have imagined!

Aleisha & Dale

Wedding Photos, Family Photos... Perfect!

Keep it real, that’s our motto. We love to work with couples and families to achieve real, simple, but beautiful photography, which reflect who you are. It is all about the timing, it is about knowing our client. The rest is magic!



The Guy with Bunny Ears

I love my family, I love to mountain bike, and I love taking photos. Weddings are magic there is nothing quite as memorable as when two people embark on a journey that will bring them together for life.



"Photographer" is her Middle Name

We don’t want to be “tourists with cameras” at your wedding, we want to participate, interact and ultimately mold an accurate and impassioned visual depiction of the day and of the people.

Discuss your plans with us!

We know that every wedding is different, don’t see something that suits you? Drop us a line, we are always happy to discuss your wedding plans and what you need from a wedding photographer. Everything is customisable to suit you. It is all about you!

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Railsde Vigil | Documentary Photography

Most of you would be aware of the recent fatal robbery at The Railside Diary in Henderson. Railside is our local Diary and I, along with my friends and colleagues frequented the establishment on a regular basis. We are deeply saddened and appalled by the events that...

Tokoroa | Environmental Portrait

My latest visit to Tokoroa introduced me to Venya from the local craft shop. Venya deems from Russia and apparently is a referral to boyhood. The shop is maize of craft and color and Venya was kind enough to allow me to include an environmental portrait with my...

Splore 2014

How lucky was I this year to be able to attend the 10th Splore music and arts festival. Held at Tapapakanga Regional Park, it couldn’t have been scheduled for  a better summer weekend.  The sun was such an integral part of the celebrations that I tried to use it as...

Banners on the Beach | Documentary Photography

At the end of last year over 5,000 people gathered on various west coast beaches to take a stand against the Anadarko drill-ship that was at that time, just off the coast of Raglan. I took the opportunity to do a short documentary photography series.

Auctions 1998 and 2012 | Documentary Photography

Recently one of my fellow photography students reminded me about a documentary I started many moons ago when we were both still in our first year (1998 she types in small print). When I went back to South Africa in 2012 I managed to do a follow up shoot. The event...